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Swavet Fly Repellent

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Treatment: A wipe and spray-on fly repellent for protection against house and stable flies.

Dosage: Use only as directed. Handle with care. It is a good

sanitary practice to wear rubber gloves during application. Shake before application.

This product may be applied with a trigger spray or as a wipe-on with a sponge or a soft cloth. Before application, remove excess dirt off horse’s coat, special attention should be given to legs, shoulders, shanks, neck and facial areas, avoiding the eyes. Repeat as necessary.

When used as a spray, this can cause a sneezing reaction in people applying this product. Horses can be ridden or worked immediately after application. Wash hands immediately after application.

Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.

Although this remedy has been extensively tested under a large variety of conditions, failure thereof may ensue as a result of a wide range of reasons. If this is suspected, seek veterinary advice and notify the

registration holder.


Cypermethrim 0.25% m/v

Piperonyl Butoxide 1.25% m/v

Natural Plant Oils 0.025% m/v

Lanolin 1% m/v

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