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Ectodex Tick, Lice & Mange Dip for Dogs

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Ectodex is known as the gold standard for treating mange infestations. An emulsifiable concentrate containing Amitraz for dilution with water which treats Demodectic mange, Sarcoptic mange, ticks and lice in dogs.


Demodectic mange – Use 50ml of Ectodex in 5L of water. Repeat the treatment at 5-7 day intervals for a period of 3 weeks or until all overt clinical symptoms have subsided.

Sarcoptic mange – Use 25ml of Ectodex in 5L of water. Repeat the treatment every 7-10 days until all overt clinical symptoms have subsided.

Ticks and Lice – Use 25ml of Ectodex in 5L of water. Repeat treatment when necessary.

Method of administration:

Wash the dog to remove any dirt or grease.
Long-haired dogs may be clipped prior to treatment if required.
Prepare the wash by mixing the appropriate amount of Ectodex with the correct amount of water, stirring to ensure it is mixed correctly.
Prepare only the required amount of wash per individual treatment.
Stand the dog in a basin or bath and pour the solution over the animals body.
Gently work into the skin and hair with a brush or sponge to ensure the dog is thoroughly wet to the skin in all areas.
Do not rinse the dog. Remove the dog from the bath and allow it to dry naturally in a warm draught-free area.
Avoid handling the dog until the coat is completely dry.

Ectodex rarely produces side effects if used correctly. Very occasionally mild transient sedation may occur and recovery is spontaneous.
Do not use in bradycardia or glaucoma, on Chihuahuas and in dogs suffering from heat stress
Do not use on pregnant or lactating females
Do not use on puppies under 3 months of age
This product is not recommended for cats
Avoid simultaneous treatment with other a-2-adrenoreceptor-agonists
Ectodex is poisonous to fish. Do not allow the product to enter watercourses or contaminate ponds.

Wear waterproof gloves and wash after use
Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use
Avoid contact with your skin and eyes
Pour dilution down a drain after use
Do not eat, drink or smoke while handling this product.

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