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  • Aktiv Equine Black Powder 50g

    R 130.33 inc. Vat

    Aktiv Equine Black Powder is ideal for the treatment of scrapes, cuts and deeper abrasions. It can be useful in the prevention of proud flesh formation. The powder contains Activated Carbon (86g/100g) and Copper Sulphate (14g/100g). Simply dust the powder onto the affected area and keep the wound covered

  • Equifox Equi-scrub - Global Animal Supplies

    Equifox Equi-scrub

    R 74.24R 256.89 inc. Vat

    Equifox Equi-Scrub is a specialised veterinary scrub soap skin cleanser, wound cleanser and antiseptic.

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  • Equifox Glycerine Icthammol - Global Animal SuppliesEquifox Glycerine Icthammol - Global Animal Supplies

    Equifox Glycerine Icthammol

    R 367.94R 631.87 inc. Vat

    Equifox Glycerine Icthammol Recommendation for use: A drawing agent for use under a bandage or as a poultice to draw out inflammation or infection. Works well for hoof abscesses and for any wound or swelling, particularly puncture wounds.

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  • Equiwash Wound Treatment - Global Animal SuppliesEquiwash Wound Treatment - Global Animal Supplies

    Equiwash Wound Treatment

    R 176.99R 342.99 inc. Vat

    Equiwash is an antiseptic for treatment of wounds, cuts and grazes. It contains a low foam detergent to assist in cleansing areas. The product can be used as an overall body disinfectant rinse, refreshner and coat conditioner due to its content of lavender oil. In horses where skin infections are present or where allergic type…

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