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  • Equifox Canine Mobility - Global Animal Supplies

    Equifox Canine Mobility

    R 240.44R 534.86 inc. Vat

    Equifox Canine Mobility. Promotes better joint mobility and muscle flexibility in all canines.

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  • Rigly Stableman Muscle/Joint Gel 500ml - Global Animal Supplies

    Rigly Stableman Muscle/Joint Gel 500ml

    R 227.57 inc. Vat

    Rigly STABLEMAN MUSCLE /JOINT GEL is a soothing rubefacient massage gel with active ingredients of plant origin. Rosmarinus officinalis oil, Lavandula angustifolia oil and Piper nigrum oil are mild rubefacients which enhance peripheral blood flow resulting in a sensation of increased warmth. The increase blood supply helps to provide more nutrients and oxygen to the…