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  • Budgie Seed (Nyati Free) - Global Animal Supplies

    Budgie Seed (Nyati Free)

    R 40.57 inc. Vat

    A delicious and nutritious blend of budgie seeds to keep you bird healthy. Seeds are Nyati free.

  • Chinchilla Gourmet - Global Animal Supplies

    Chinchilla Gourmet

    R 167.63 inc. Vat

    This gourmet chinchilla food bucket is the perfect well rounded and balanced option for your rabbit. Chinchillas are known to have digestive issues and therefore it is important to make sure you are feeding them the correct food. This supreme quality food is packed with all the nutrients that your furry friend needs to support…

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    Complete Parrot Mix

    R 26.00 inc. Vat

    Pet Food

  • Garden Bird Seed 8kg Bucket - Global Animal Supplies

    Garden Bird Seed 8kg Bucket

    R 161.28 inc. Vat

    An excellent source of food for garden birds. You can attract a wide range of birds with this bird seed value pack.  Simply place the seeds in your bird feeder or garden. With birds needing a constant and reliable food source of food, bird feeders with seeds are a very useful to have in your…

  • Guinea Gourmet - Global Animal Supplies

    Guinea Gourmet

    R 207.48 inc. Vat

    This premium Daro gourmet food is carefully created to provide your guinea pig with all the nutrients they need in the most delicious way possible. The crunchy texture coupled with a variety of flavours is blended to ensure your pet is well fed as well as happy. This makes for the ideal primary food filled…

  • Koi Pellets - Global Animal Supplies

    Koi Pellets

    R 204.99 inc. Vat

    Pet Food

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  • Parrot Deluxe - Global Animal Supplies

    Parrot Deluxe

    R 370.48 inc. Vat

    Make sure your Parrot stays happy and healthy with this Daro deluxe fruity Parrot food. This delicious mix is filled with fruity flavours while still maintaining an assortment of well-balanced nutrition for your bird. Packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals. This mix is well specially blended to eliminate any selective eating and ensuring…

  • Rabbit Gourmet - Global Animal Supplies

    Rabbit Gourmet

    R 181.78 inc. Vat

    Daro rabbit gourmet mix is loaded with complete nutrition and tasty flavour to nourish and satisfy your bunny for a lifetime and provides more fun and variety to your feeding routine. Filled with a variety of different textures and flavors formulated especially for rabbits. Packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals essential for overall health and…

  • Wild Bird seed Garden Mix - Global Animal Supplies

    Wild Bird seed Garden Mix

    R 62.48R 515.00 inc. Vat

    Wild Bird Feed is suitable for birds like: Robins, Bulbuls, Sparrows, Pheasants Perfect for feeding multiple species of birds from every region in South Africa. Added sorghum provides the additional fibre .Ideally offered in seed feeders or scattered on the ground. You can enjoy all the sounds and colours of wild birds in your garden…

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