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  • Acriflavine & Glycerine - Global Animal Supplies

    Acriflavine & Glycerine

    R 133.27R 493.43 inc. Vat

    Acriflavine & Glycerine is a 0, I% solution of Acriflavine in pure Glycerin. Wound Care. Acriflavine in glycerine is a topical antiseptic suitable for the treatment of contaminated wounds.   For external animal use only.  

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  • Acrisulph Wound Ointment - Global Animal Supplies

    Acrisulph Wound Ointment

    R 62.74R 214.64 inc. Vat

    Acrisulph wound ointment provides a safe and effective way to treat superficial wounds and burns and gives relief from pain and discomfort. For external animal use only. COMPOSITION Lanolin 30% Sulphanilamide 5% Cod Liver Oil 5% Zinc Oxide 2% Mercurochrome 0,1 % Acriflavine 0,1 %Mercurochrome, acriflavine and sulphanilamide have antiseptic and bacteriostatic activity. Zinc oxide…

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  • Debrizyme Wound Spray

    R 126.82 inc. Vat

    DEBRIZYME is an aerosol wound dressing spray. DEBRIZYME aids in the treatment of external wounds and also assists healing through debridement and by stimulation of epithelial tissue. COMPOSITION Each gram of DEBRIZYME contains 0, 125g trypsin crystalline, 290mg castor oil, 40mg peru balsam, 200i.u. vitamin A and Si.u.vitamin E. DISCUSSION Trypsin is a proteolytic enzyme…

  • Dermavet Antiseptic Wound Healing Cream for Horses, Dogs & Cats - Global Animal SuppliesDermavet Antiseptic Wound Healing Cream for Horses, Dogs & Cats - Global Animal Supplies

    Dermavet Antiseptic Wound Healing Cream for Horses, Dogs & Cats

    R 91.71R 179.91 inc. Vat

    Dermavet is indicated for the treatment of slow healing wounds, topical superficial wounds and topical septic wounds in dogs, cats and horses. Dermavet is an ointment that will treat minor wounds, infections, including ear infections and most of your dermatitis. Dermavet is an anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, antifungal and antibacterial ointment.

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  • F10 Germicidal Barrier Ointment

    R 41.71R 188.83 inc. Vat

    The F10 ointment is a germicidal wound ointment based on the F10 core actives (F10SC which is a veterinary disinfectant containing ammonium and biguanidine compounds which achieves a broad spectrum kill of potentially harmful micro-organisms) and is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It also creates a barrier to prevent re-infestation. The ointment is used…

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  • F10 Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide

    R 71.00R 156.23 inc. Vat

    F10 Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide Germicidal Wound Spray with Insecticide is a ready to use topical spot-on application spray active against bacteria and fungi for wound treatment with the capabilities of repelling flies and preventing or eliminating infestations due to fly strike through added insecticidal activity of Cypermethrin (0.25%) and Piperonyl Butoxide (1.25%).

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide

    R 45.93R 93.47 inc. Vat

    HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – For cleaning of wounds & ulcers. External application to clean wounds by oxidation of organic debris Antiseptic and disinfectant Gaseous release of 02 help with mechanical removal of dirt Contains a stabilised solution of hydrogen peroxide 6% v/v. Apply regularly to affected areas. For external animal use only.

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  • Madaji Milking Cream - Global Animal Supplies

    Madaji Milking Cream

    R 16.91R 63.24 inc. Vat

    MILKING CREAM – Antibacterial milking salve with lanolin and Vitamin E to keep udder and quarters soft and supple. Contains no perfume and will not taint milk.

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  • Supaspray Plus Wound Spray

    R 190.95 inc. Vat

    Aluminium powder 4.7g, Dichlorvos 1,60 g, Cypermethrin 0,37 g, Sulfadiazine 0,11 g, Piperonyl butoxide 0,021 g Antiparasitic spray and wound remedy High levels of antiparasitic active ingredients. Contains Sulfadiazine with proven anti-bacterial and wound healing properties. Forms protective aluminium layer over wounds. Dosage Apply evenly over the whole wound surface. Two treatments, one day apart,…

  • Swavet Milking Cream 2L - Global Animal Supplies

    Swavet Milking Cream 2L

    R 102.64 inc. Vat

    Milking Cream is a rich milking cream that moisturises, revitalises and softens dry and chapped skin. Milking Cream is perfume-free and safe to use on dry or chapped skin, hands and heels. Soothes and protects baby’s skin.

  • Swavet Povidone Spray 500ml - Global Animal Supplies

    Swavet Povidone Spray 500ml

    R 128.70 inc. Vat

    For treatment of wounds, cuts, sores, burns, abrasions and footrot in horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs; ringworms in cattle; infectious opthalmia and bacterial eye infections in cattle, sheep, goats and horses.

  • Swavet Wound Oil

    R 58.65R 119.98 inc. Vat

    Treatment: A wound treatment (patch treatment only) for livestock. Dosage: Use only as directed. Handle with care. Wear rubber or plastic gloves while applying. This remedy is for WOUND TREATMENT ONLY. After thorough cleansing, apply thinly and evenly by means of a brush or gloved hand onto wounds as necessary. Repeat every 2-3 days or…

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  • Terramycin Wound Spray

    R 152.39 inc. Vat

    Terramycin Wound Spray is indicated for the prevention and treatment of topical infections caused by or associated with organisms sensitive to the action of oxytetracycline, e.g. lacerations and abrasions, wound dehiscence, dermatitis and footrot. Terramycin Wound Spray is suitable for use in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, dogs and cats.

  • Wound Sept Plus Wound Spray

    R 245.26 inc. Vat

    Wound Sept Plus A wound treatment which promotes the healing of shearing and other open and enlarged wounds; which prevents blowfly strike and the contamination of open wounds by flies.