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  • Aktiv Equin Hoof Dressing for Horses - Global Animal Supplies

    Aktiv Equin Hoof Dressing for Horses

    R 213.45 inc. Vat

    Aktiv Equine is a pharmaceutically developed horse care range, providing the horse with the support it needs to live well and be healthy. Aktiv Equine Hoof Dressing contains Ginger and Tea Tree Oil, allowing it to have a heating effect. Hoof growth is promoted by heating up the coronary band, thus improving blood circulation. This…

  • Aktiv Equine Black Powder 50g

    R 130.33 inc. Vat

    Aktiv Equine Black Powder is ideal for the treatment of scrapes, cuts and deeper abrasions. It can be useful in the prevention of proud flesh formation. The powder contains Activated Carbon (86g/100g) and Copper Sulphate (14g/100g). Simply dust the powder onto the affected area and keep the wound covered

  • Sale! Aktiv Equine Power Horse - Global Animal Supplies

    Aktiv Equine Power Horse 2 Kg

    R 185.00 inc. Vat

    Aktiv Equine Power Horse is full of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, required to boost the horse’s health. It aids horses in poor conditions, and provides competitive horses with the support they need for daily exercise and performance. Horses naturally get most of their nutrition from grasses, but these can be unbalanced in terms…

  • Aktiv Equine Snickers Treats 1kg

    R 119.00R 119.99 inc. Vat

    Aktiv Equine Snickers are highly palatable, cubed horse treats. The cubed formulation ensures longer lasting freshness and is easy to feed

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  • Arnica Ice Cooling Gel for Dogs, Horses and Humans - Global Animal Supplies

    Arnica Ice Cooling Gel for Dogs, Horses and Humans

    R 63.04R 313.40 inc. Vat

    Arnica Ice ® Cooling Gel With Arnica Oil, Menthol, Camphor, Witch Hazel A cooling gel as an aid in the relief of stiffness and soreness, painful muscles, tendons and joints. Effective as a pre-and post-workout rub for all muscular aches and pains.

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  • B-Co Bolic Injectable Vitamin, Mineral + Nutritional Supplements

    R 189.41 inc. Vat

    Injectable solution Indications Injectable tonic for Phosphor, Selenium and Vitamin B deficiencies in ruminants, pigs and horses. To normalize and/or boost metabolism. To aid in the recovery after disease. Dosage Cattle Mature: 10 – 25 mℓ and Calves: 5 – 15 mℓ Sheep and Goats Mature: 3 – 5 mℓ and Lambs / Kids: 2…

  • Bayticol 2 % Dip

    R 990.82 inc. Vat

    Bayticol – Controls ticks on cattle, horses & dogs, ostriches & poultry. Sterilises female ticks. Kills stable flies a residual action. No stripping problems. Controls Northern Fowl mite infestation in poultry.

  • Bio Kill Equine & Stable Spray - Global Animal Supplies

    Bio Kill Equine & Stable Spray

    R 209.30R 431.25 inc. Vat

    Biokill equine and stable spray is a ready-to-use emulsion for the control of biting midges, mosquitoes, house flies, stable flies and ticks. Warnings: Toxic to fish and bees. Store away from food and feed. Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals. Applications against: 1. Biting midges, house flies, stable flies and ticks…

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  • Body Brush - Global Animal Supplies

    Body Brush

    R 36.95 inc. Vat

    Body Brush for your horses daily grooming. Coloured border, black centre, hand strap, assorted colours

  • Buzz Off Gel - Global Animal Supplies

    Buzz Off Gel

    R 110.43 inc. Vat

    Buzz Off Gel. An effective and non-irritating fly repellent presented as a gel preparation. The product contains cypermethrin, citronella and other natural oils giving it a pleasant smell.

  • Sale! Buzz Off Spray - Global Animal Supplies

    Buzz Off Spray

    R 130.01R 482.00 inc. Vat

    Buzz Off Spray. An effective spray-on fly repellent which contains cyper methrin and citronella oil for protection against house flies. Brush animal’s coat to remove excess dirt and dust. Apply to areas where flies accumulate, with special attention to legs, shoulders, flanks, neck and ears. Can be wiped on or sprayed on. Horses can be…

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  • Complete Recovery 1.8kg - Global Animal Supplies

    Complete Recovery 1.8kg

    R 798.00 inc. Vat

    Joint, Muscle and Gut support supplement. Everything you need in one for competing horses as well as horses undergoing rehabilitation. It assist in reducing inflammation in the joints, ligaments and tendons as well helping maintain joint and bone health. It contains essential amino acids for cell repair and growth aiding in better muscle recovery. It…

  • Cotton Wool (Interleaved) 500g - Global Animal Supplies

    Cotton Wool (Interleaved) 500g

    R 107.34 inc. Vat

     Highly absorbent disposable 100% Cotton wool rolls.– Made from raw cotton which has been combed to remove impurities and then bleached with a high-temperature, high-pressure, pure oxygen process.– Compressed layers of cotton, tightly rolled.

  • Cotton Wool (Non-Interleaved) 500g - Global Animal Supplies

    Cotton Wool (Non-Interleaved) 500g

    R 54.47 inc. Vat

    This cotton wool is perfect for cleaning drainage wounds and blood, performing sterile surgical procedures or cleaning medical instruments. Made from pure cotton, which has been degreased and bleached. Highly absorbent, soft and smooth, with minimal lint.

  • Crepe bandages

    R 6.91R 18.86 inc. Vat

    Crepe bandages are used to lightly support sprained and strained muscles and joints and are easy to secure without the need for surgical tape or safety pins. They conform easily to the body’s contours and have clips which allow fast and simple securing of the bandage.

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  • Debrizyme Wound Spray

    R 126.82 inc. Vat

    DEBRIZYME is an aerosol wound dressing spray. DEBRIZYME aids in the treatment of external wounds and also assists healing through debridement and by stimulation of epithelial tissue. COMPOSITION Each gram of DEBRIZYME contains 0, 125g trypsin crystalline, 290mg castor oil, 40mg peru balsam, 200i.u. vitamin A and Si.u.vitamin E. DISCUSSION Trypsin is a proteolytic enzyme…