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  • Equifox Equi-Flora - Global Animal Supplies

    Equifox Equi-Flora

    R 218.90R 2,466.92 inc. Vat

    Equi-Flora Pre- & Probiotic Dosage: 10g 20g for horses travelling long distances Contains; Pre-biotics- which enhance the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Keeps the pro-biotic bacteria alive and growing. Encapsulated live yeast (saccharomyces cervisae) which improves the digestion of crude fibre, the absorption of minerals and the production…

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  • Equifox Flaxseed Oil - Global Animal Supplies

    Equifox Flaxseed Oil

    R 293.42R 686.21 inc. Vat

    Equifox Flaxseed Oil “Highly concentrated source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids Dosage: 50ml Recommendation for use: Improves coat condition and helps with digestion”

  • Sale! Equifox Ulcer Guard - Global Animal Supplies

    Equifox Ulcer Guard

    R 444.00R 2,138.12 inc. Vat

    Equifox Ulcer Guard Gastro Intestinal supplement for the Equine Athlete Directions for use: 30g daily

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  • Sale! Equisupreme Gastro Eeze 1kg - Global Animal Supplies

    Equisupreme Gastro Eeze 1kg

    R 365.47 inc. Vat

    Equisupreme Gastro Eeze Helps neutralise acid Helps soothe and protect the stomach lining Can help to reduce crib biting and wind sucking resulting from gastric discomfort Fact: 60% of horses in training develop stomach problems FEEDING GUIDELINES: Indication: As a supplement for race and endurance horses, where high non-structural carbohydrate intake or low roughage is…