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  • Eco-Teeth 50ml Liquid - Global Animal SuppliesEco-Teeth 50ml Liquid - Global Animal Supplies

    Eco-Teeth 50ml Liquid

    R 225.00 inc. Vat

    Works against halitosis and gum disease. Works as a pre- and post-operative therapy. For dental abscess and gingivitis. Use daily in their drinking water to combat plaque (Reg no. G3300)

  • Regal Doggy Dental Remedy (400ml) - Global Animal Supplies

    Regal Doggy Dental Remedy (400ml)

    R 160.57 inc. Vat

    Regal Doggy Dental Remedy, with delicious beef and peanut butter flavouring, has been formulated with four herbs traditionally known for treating the buildup of plaque and tartar, and preventing gum disease. This dual-action herbal remedy coats the teeth and gums, and has an antimicrobial effect to assist in removing and preventing the buildup of plaque…

  • Wolf & Women Pet Oral Care- Fresh Breath Mint (#4) - Global Animal Supplies

    Wolf & Women Pet Oral Care- Fresh Breath Mint (#4)

    R 94.99 inc. Vat

    Pet Oral Care (Number 4)%Oral hygiene care starts off with an everyday cleaning of your pet’s teeth and gums. Transform bad breath into natural fresh breathing with this Natural Breath Freshener. Natura Pets’ all natural formula helps to remove plaque and tartar buildup for a cleaner, fresher and healthier mouth for pets and control bacteria…