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  • Eco-Colostrum - Global Animal Supplies


    R 210.00R 280.00 inc. Vat

    A nutritional supplement for both dogs and cats. Colostrum fights ageing, infection and allergy and ensures healthy litters. A unique product with a multi-vitamin approach to ensure that the skin receives adequate nourishment. Colostrum is the very first food of life, an amazing substance with the ability to protect and even rejuvenate. (Reg no. G3252)

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  • Eco-Cough 50ml Liquid - Global Animal Supplies

    Eco-Cough 50ml Liquid

    R 225.00 inc. Vat

    Works for all acute coughing, infections in general and running eyes. Where there is no nasal discharge or where any such discharge is free from pus. (Reg no. G3089)

  • Regal Allergy Relief Remedy 400ml - Global Animal Supplies

    Regal Allergy Relief Remedy 400ml

    R 161.00 inc. Vat

    Regal Allergy Relief Remedy, with a delicious beef flavour, has been specially formulated with 3 herbs traditionally known for supporting and balancing the immune system. This remedy will also assist in protecting dogs against allergens such as grass, fleas, certain foods and pollens. How To Use Directions: Give the liquid directly in the dog’s mouth,…