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Wolf & Women With PACT  

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Wolf&Women are collaborating with PACT to feed 101 dogs a month.

These dogs fall under a township project, where the pet owners love their dogs but can’t afford to feed them.

PACT visits these houses weekly, providing food/ medicine and education on being a pet owner.

We are raising funds to afford the increase in demand for dog food during the lockdown and consequent loss of income for many families.

During Covid-19 PACT is not only feed the dogs but the families too.

This campaign will help 101 families feed their beloved dogs, here in Durban.
The project has 80 dogs currently but during the lockdown, it has increased to 101 dogs.

Each dog requires about 16kgs of food a month.

A 20kgs bag will cost R220.00 – thank you to Global Animals Supplies!

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